Karl Urban & Doug Jones @ Ottawa ComicCon 2018

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Ottawa ComicCon 2018 ran at the EY Centre over the weekend, featuring all manner of geeky guests from the worlds of comics, cosplay, film, and television. On Sunday, I took in Q&As from burgeoning sci-fi icons Karl Urban and Doug Jones, and stopped to chat with comic artist James O’Barr.

Read on for highlights:

“We Have Rules Here”

Creative Works, Fiction


Appears in: Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction 

Publisher: Elder Signs Press

Release date: Fall 2016

Summary: A rational man in an irrational world, Lieutenant Colonel John Harris clings to science and reason as the zombie apocalypse rages around him. However, what if reality isn’t as objective as it seems?

Available from Indigo!Barnes and NobleAmazon, and others.