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Gasoline smell filters in:    is the
microwave on the fritz again, or
should we be alarmed?
The weekday 1-2-3-4s along with the regularity of a power chord
and drumbeat in a punk song;
Is the monitor glow melting my eyeballs out
And should I be alarmed?

Joey Ramone’s demented choir sings from within my burst eardrum
As I strain for the news of the newest gaffe
from the morning’s first press scrum.

The doctor says my health is fine but
the government’s not,
and I should be alarmed;
But it’s okay, just a viral thing, with no real long-term harm.
Just shared keyboard bacteria and recycled airplane air;
Take care; eat soup drink water and cough into your arm.

And will the paper shredder ever suck me up and pull me into its abyss?:
into a black hole    dragging through dimensions and ending in a waste-bin:
Just some red with the shreds in the bottom of a waste-bin.

And Johnny Ramone rolls his eyes at the nineties sub-par soundtrack
and smashes his guitar and                                                                                                                          declares unilateral war and
the offending iPhone screen cracks.

Originally published in The Fulcrum (Campus Creations: April 5/2017)

“We Have Rules Here”

Creative Works


Appears in: Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction 

Publisher: Elder Signs Press

Release date: Fall 2016

Summary: A rational man in an irrational world, Lieutenant Colonel John Harris clings to science and reason as the zombie apocalypse rages around him. However, what if reality isn’t as objective as it seems?

Available from Indigo!Barnes and NobleAmazon, and others.