Hockey Dad / DZ Deathrays / Horror My Friend @ 27 Club

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Ottawa’s 27 Club hosted a hat trick of Australian rock bands Thursday night.

After an opening set by grungy Adelaide indie rockers Horror My Friend, DZ Deathrays took the stage for an electrifying set of hard-edged but dancefloor-friendly punk.

DZ Deathrays

Momentum spiked with Black Rat standout “Reflective Skull,” which boasts one of my favourite riffs ever, a neon flash that cuts through the electro-punk rumblings like a bolt of lightning. “I think you guys are warmed up now,” cracked lead singer Shane Parsons.

They followed up with a selection of raucous recent singles including “IN-TO-IT,” “Snakes,” and “Like People,” before concluding with another highlight from Bloody Lovely, seasonal rock anthem “Shred For Summer,” and a spiky rendition of Black Rat single “Gina Works at Hearts.”

Windang duo Hockey Dad closed the night with a set of bright rock tunes that were instantly infectious. The highlight was their performance of sneering single “Join the Club.”

Line-up: Horror My Friend / DZ Deathrays / Hockey Dad

Venue: 27 Club, Ottawa

Date: Thursday, Dec. 19/2019

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