The Song Inside the Star

Creative Works, Fiction

Appears in: Weird Mask (Issue 18 – Cthulhu)

Release Date: May/2019

Summary: A journalist covering a flighty pop star is unnerved by her embrace of an ancient, esoteric religion in this riff on Lovecraft.

You can read the full story below; if you like it, you can order the zine here.

The Evolution of a Conspiracy Theorist

Creative Works, Fiction

Deadman's Tome

Appears in: Deadman’s Tome: The Conspiracy Issue 

Publisher: Deadman’s Tome

Release Date: June 2018

Summary: A paranoid grocery store cashier displays an uncanny understanding of how government really works in this satirical sci-fi tale.

Available for digital and physical purchase at Amazon.

Or, listen to a recording here, read aloud by Mr. Deadman.