The Song Inside the Star

Creative Works, Fiction

Appears in: Weird Mask (Issue 18 – Cthulhu)

Release Date: May/2019

Summary: A journalist covering a flighty pop star is unnerved by her embrace of an ancient, esoteric religion in this riff on Lovecraft.

You can read the full story below; if you like it, you can order the zine here.

The Evolution of a Conspiracy Theorist

Creative Works, Fiction

Deadman's Tome

Appears in: Deadman’s Tome: The Conspiracy Issue 

Publisher: Deadman’s Tome

Release Date: June 2018

Summary: A paranoid grocery store cashier displays an uncanny understanding of how government really works in this satirical sci-fi tale.

Available for digital and physical purchase at Amazon.

Or, listen to a recording here, read aloud by Mr. Deadman.


“We Have Rules Here”

Creative Works, Fiction


Appears in: Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction 

Publisher: Elder Signs Press

Release date: Fall 2016

Summary: A rational man in an irrational world, Lieutenant Colonel John Harris clings to science and reason as the zombie apocalypse rages around him. However, what if reality isn’t as objective as it seems?

Available from Indigo!Barnes and NobleAmazon, and others.