6 Albums You Should Listen to for International Women’s Day

Commentary, Music

In honour of International Women’s Day, check out this selection of music by badass female artists.

1. Hole – Pretty On the Inside
Courtney Love tackles body image, misogyny, and sexual assault on her brutal debut record.

2. Kesha – Rainbow
Kesha’s long-awaited return is an empowering and eclectic record that confronts her recent struggles without ever letting them define her.

3. P!nk – I’m Not Dead
Edgy opening track “Stupid Girls” is a caustic feminist anthem urging girls to aim higher than the stereotypes they see in the media.

The rest of the album balances empowerment anthems and protest songs with emotional ballads about loss and loneliness – because strength and vulnerability are not mutually exclusive.

4. Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Laura Jane Grace’s punk confessional is a defiant and poignant depiction of navigating the world as a trans-woman.

5. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Theatre is Evil

Amanda Palmer’s epic album confronts death, disconnection, loss, and love in all its forms, set to a soundtrack of power chords and new wave synths.

6. Diemonds – Never Wanna Die

This is a killer album, and Priya Panda is Canada’s fiercest heavy metal front-woman.

What are your favourite albums by women? Tell me in the comments!


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