Blog #9: Farewell 2019

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Happy New Year, dear readers!

Many thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read my work this past year. And to all the editors who I’ve had the chance to work with! You all rock.

In that spirit, I thought I’d provide a round-up of everything I published this past year.

Feel free to read them aloud at your New Year’s Parties, or whatever. Just trust me on this one – your guests will thank you. Seriously.

Wishing everyone the best in 2020.

Creating Monsters:

Women’s empowerment in horror fiction, on-screen and behind the scenes

Women in Horror Month guest post (Horror Tree; Feb. 2019)


Earlier this year, I wrote a piece about how women throughout history have used horror fiction to challenge social mores, critique injustices, and create new worlds where old-fashioned gender norms hold no power.

The Offer

Gardens of Enchantment (Fantasia Divinity; March/2019)


Fairies lure a little girl into their world in this dark fantasy short, reprinted after an earlier appearance in The Wild Hunt.

The Outsiders in the Hawthorne Tomb

American Gothic (Flame Tree Press; May/2019)


An eccentric undertaker investigates the mysterious death of a disturbed young artist, in this gothic tale.

Old Wives’ Tales

Trembling With Fear (Horror Tree; May 19/2019)


A woman tracks a witch’s consort after her child is attacked.

The Song Inside the Star

Weird Mask (Issue 18; May/2019)Weird Mask

A journalist covering a flighty pop star is unnerved by her embrace of an ancient, esoteric religion in this riff on Lovecraft.

The Lighthouse Keeper and the Hag

Enchanted Conversation (June/2019)

An elderly lighthouse keeper is tormented by the hectoring mermaid stranded on his shore.

The Turnip and the Trick

Enchanted Conversation (Sept/2019)

Goblins go trick-or-treating in this dark Halloween folk tale.

Teen Tragedy Song

Cabinet of Curiosities (Owl Hollow Press; Fall 2019)


A ghostly teenage romance unfolds against a soundtrack of old-school rock-n-roll.

“Leonard Cohen / Rocketship”

Avalanches In Poetry: Inspired by L.C. (Oct/2019)


The Canadian poet supervises a space expedition in this Leonard Cohen tribute poem.

Two Poems

Pussy Magic (Hallow’s Eve 2019: Scream; October 2019)


Two horror movie themed poems: “Mayfair Witch” (about watching Rob Zombie’s grisly exploitation flick 31 at Ottawa’s Mayfair Cinema) and Universal monster movie tribute “Frankenstein’s Bride Woulda Come Crawling Back.”

5 Poems

Truly U Review (All Hallows Eve; Oct/2019)

Truly U

Five of my most macabre poems: “For Sale By Owner,” “Pet Sematary 2,” “Survive a Horror Movie in Five Words,” “Cemetery Way,” and “The Last Poem.

A Night of Truths and Lies

Unfading Daydream (Issue 9 – Possession; Oct/2019)


A witch’s consort receives justice – and mercy – in the conclusion to the dark fantasy saga of Ezek the Crow.

‘Til Death

Trembling With Fear (Horror Tree; Nov. 10/2019)


A reluctant groom gets cold feet the day of his post-apocalyptic wedding.


A Very Spaced-Out Christmas

Mysterion (Enigmatic Mirror Press; Dec. 2019)


An eclectic group of fast food workers spend the holidays stranded on an outer space truck stop, in this Christmas sci-fi comedy.

On the horizon for 2020

Early next year, my Twin Peaks poem “Interrupted Log” will appear in APEP Publications’s These Poems Are Not What They Seem, edited by Kristin Garth and Justin Karcher. from APEP Publications.

I also have a fairy-tale themed poem “Kingdom of Shards” set to appear in Twist In Time Mag.

And in July, my poem “Welcome Mat” will appear in Pink Plastic House (also edited by Kristin Garth!)


On the writing front, I’m planning to start blogging more regularly, and I hope to use this platform as a way to spread the word about other works I’ve enjoyed. (If you have any recommendations for sick poems, short stories, shareable art or short films, let me know in the comments!)

Good riddance, 2019!


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