Living Vicariously Through You

Creative Works, Fiction

Appears in: When the World Stopped: A Collection of Infectious Stories (Owl Hollow Press)

Release Date: October 2020

Summary: Sophie’s quarantine takes an odd turn when she develops a telepathic connection with the sketchy guy loitering near her building. A pseudoscientific rom-com about these weird times.

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Kenny and Spenny @ Yuk Yuk’s

Arts Coverage

Comedians Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice don’t so much “do stand-up,” as re-hash decades of grievances in front of a bloodthirsty audience.

The two cult comics, who grew up together in the suburbs of Toronto and had their lifelong friendship tested (if not destroyed) in their depraved reality competition show Kenny vs. Spenny, played a packed house at Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa Wednesday night.