FORD V FERRARI is a deeply human car movie [review]

Commentary, Film and Television

The thing about Ford v Ferrari is that Ferrari isn’t really the villain.

James Mangold’s film chronicles the Ford Motor Company’s efforts to bolster their public image by beating Ferrari at the gruelling twenty-four hour Le Mans race. But by the time unpredictable driver Ken Miles faces off against the Italian carmaker, we’re just satisfied that he’s prevailed over his naysayers at Ford.

Waititi juxtaposes innocence with evil in JOJO RABBIT [review]

Commentary, Film and Television

The posters for Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit describe it as “an anti-hate satire,” which seems like a pre-emptive reassurance to anyone caught off-guard by its jarring opening scene: a nervous ten-year-old boy anxiously preparing for his first day at a Hitler Youth camp.